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Softball Was Her Love

I wanted to share an awesome photo of Emily she took that very morning of the accident. Seriously, how great is this pic? Softball was Emily's love, she would wake up at 4 am (no joke) and hit balls into the net in her front yard. She worked tirelessly to improve her game as a hitter and catcher.

Emily made the Varsity team at Bishop Fenwick, which she (and Kenny) were just thrilled about. I remember him telling me that it meant so much to her. The day following the accident was to be her first Fenwick Varsity softball game versus Boston Latin Academy. Below is a photo of both teams presenting 3 flowers (her jersey number) wrapped in black and gold ribbon in support of Emily. Huge shoutout to the Fenwick and Latin coaches for showing class and sportsmanship and demonstrating the power of sports.

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