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One Last Post (...for now)

Shann Family Friends, yesterday was about as hard a day as I can remember, both physically and emotionally. Under the circumstances, everything went wonderfully, from the services, procession and the lunch after. We had no idea how many people would want to come to the bereavement lunch, guessing 200 and we got about 300! That just goes to show what a wonderful community we have of friends who care so much. And Rita, that eulogy was LEGENDARY. Nobody (and I mean nobody) knows how on earth you could get through that with the grace and strength you did. Kenny's address at the lunch was amazing as well.

So, wanted to send one last post for now, a collage of all the softball teams showing love and respect for a fellow teammate and competitor. Emily would have loved this.

I will turn this domain over to the Shann family now, I really even didn't ask the family permission to make the domain so it's only right to hand it over! I imagine the family will keep this live and send updates in time as we are planning great things like a memorial softball tournament this summer, so if you "subscribed" to updates you will receive messages. This image was drawn by Harper Raschi (the daughter of Emily's Show Softball coach Jay Raschi).

The Shann's will need our love and support moving forward, keep them in your prayers.

Westfield Academy Softball

Lynnfield Softball

Curry Softball

Malden Catholic Softball

Warriors Softball Club

Medford Softball

Maynard Softball

Gloucester Softball

Winchester versus Lexington

Burlington Softball

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