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Let's Support Emily Shann and the Shann Family

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hello Friends and Family of Emily and the Shann Family. As you may know, Emily had a serious accident on Monday April 10th at her house and is in critical condition in the hospital right now. Emily has suffered multiple broken bones, lung damage and has been unconscious on ECMO life support since the accident. She is currently "stable" and in the ICU receiving the best care possible.

Kenny and Rita have been with Emily since the accident and will remain there with her. Many people have found out about this and this blog is meant to update everyone with factual information on her condition and how we can help our Shann Family friends in this difficult time.

The hospital has asked that visitors are limited as the stimulation may interfere with her recovery, which is difficult since so many of us want to visit and give support. The Shann Family is in need of our help, and this is how we can do it. Rita and Kenny are staying in Boston near the hospital and need a hotel room nightly. Rita's sister Monica, and her husband Bryan, will take the lead on booking and paying for the room. You can Venmo Bryan at the below handle:

  • Donate money to Venmo account @Bryan-Bacon (last 4 digits of phone: 6186)

  • Donate Grubhub Gift Cards because Rita is dangerously thin (Kenny is fine). Text Dom Siewko @ 978-609-3366 and I will arrange getting it from you, and to them

  • Volunteer to help get the Shann kids to and from sports practices

What we shouldn't do please:

  • Please DO NOT send any flowers or food to the hospital as they cannot take it

  • Please DO NOT start any "Go Fund Me" or similar campaigns to raise donations

I am setting up a calendar for the kids so we can help get them where they need to go. This will be a work in progress, so for now please reach out to me (Dom Siewko) @ 978-609-3366 if you are in the Middleton area and have a free day to possibly give the kids a ride (they don't bite--well maybe Ashley).

I will post more/update as frequently as I can as I am in contact with Kenny daily. Kenny and Rita are well aware of all the love and help everyone is trying to give them and their needs will be dynamic (and I will get better at this). I will communicate as quickly I can anything they need. In the meantime please consider the above donations and keep Emily and Family in your thoughts and prayers. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

On behalf of Rita, Kenny and the Shann Family thank you.

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