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Funeral Flowers and Gifts

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Hello Shann friends, the family has asked that in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral home, in remembrance of Emily, that a donation instead be made to their family charity "Sisters of Life".

The link is below, thank you so much.

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1 Comment

Colleen Donohoe
Colleen Donohoe
Apr 20, 2023

The Sisters of Life have been praying for Emily and all of the Shanns and are humbled by the thoughtfulness of having donations sent to them in memory of Emily. One of the Sisters whom I'm close with made a custom donation page with special donation links, specifically in memory of Emily. She wasn't sure how to share them so asked me to help. Is it possible to replace the link above with these links? Here is Sister's message:

"I've created a custom donation page in memory of Emily that her family may share in place of our general donations link.  This will allow us to gather a list of donations made in her memory.  There are two links below,…

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