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Emily Nicole Shann 3/22/2008 - 4/16/2023

It is with immense grief that I have to report that Emily was taken off life support and breathing ventilator last night at 9 pm and has passed away. While her condition was stable the last few days, yesterday her blood pressure shot up extremely high and her pupils stopped responding to stimulation.

The swelling in her head had become so intense that it ended up affecting the brain stem, which regulates your involuntary heart rate and breathing. The difficult decision was made to remove her from the ventilator. This was indeed unforeseen and unexpected. Emily went peacefully into heaven.

We are all devastated by this news. At this point we all want to help and support the Shann's right now, but the family asks that we please respect their privacy while they grieve and make arrangements. Please do not send any food to the house, they are very well established at the moment.

Funeral arrangements are being made now, I will post all details when they are ready on this site. Thanks to all of you wonderful friends, we have over $40,000 in Venmo funds. Please know that we will divert this from hotel to the funeral arrangements.

SO MANY generous people have reached out to me in the last week, it is really quite amazing the compassion friends and strangers alike have.

The Shann's will reach out in time to people, in the meantime we should respect their privacy. We should also go home tonight and give our kids an extra hug, for what a reminder today that nothing is guaranteed in life.

Thank you all again, more as soon as possible.

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Denver Sisters of Life
Denver Sisters of Life
21 Απρ 2023

The Sisters of Life send our prayers and our deepest sympathies. May the Divine Mercy of Jesus flood the whole Shann family and may Emily rest in the eternal embrace of His love.

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Laura Burglund Pawlyk
Laura Burglund Pawlyk
19 Απρ 2023

We are so sorry for this loss and tragedy in your family. Please know that Emily's beautiful soul will live on in all the people and things she loved. May your reliance on God's strength, mercy, wisdom, and consolation be ever present to all of you especially in these coming days. We will lift our voices in praise for her lovely life here on Earth and forever in Heaven.

Laura and Jay Pawlyk

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Asuncion del Azar
Asuncion del Azar
18 Απρ 2023

When tomorrow starts without me,

please try to understand, that an angel

came and called my name, and took me by the hand;

the angel said my place was ready, in Heaven far above,

and that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love.

But when I walked through Heaven's gates, I felt so much

at home, for God looked down, smiled at me,

and told me "Welcome home".

So when tomorrow starts without me,

don't think we're far apart, for every time you think of me,

I'm right there in your heart.

Our prayers for Emily's soul and the Shann's comfort during this difficult time.

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18 Απρ 2023

May Emily rest in peace. May her family have the loving support they need surround them. As a mother, I can’t imagine the heartache. praying for you all. Michelle Oetjebe and family, alumni 1997

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Meg Rowan
Meg Rowan
17 Απρ 2023

My constant prayers for Emily and the Shanns will continue but shift slightly, asking now for miraculous healing of the deep wounds of sadness for her many loved ones. I've no doubt that she was welcomed quickly to her Heavenly home on Divine Mercy Sunday and pray that all will feel her intercessory prayers until meeting again one day. In peace, Meg Rowan (mom at Bishop Fenwick & parishioner at St. Patrick's in Stoneham where we are lifting up the Shanns in prayer)

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