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April 14, 2023 Update

Hello and apologies for the delay in update today. It's been a busy morning meeting with the kids and getting their schedules/sports/rides sorted out. From last night's first post to now I have received hundreds of texts, emails and phone calls. Honest to God, it restores my faith in humanity to see the overwhelming outpouring of support. I've had total strangers call and ask how they can donate.

As far as kids schedules, we have the girls covered for rides to softball and gymnastics with teammates for now. So many of you have asked to help, thank you again! So for now, we are covered with kids rides and logistics. I do have a "backup" list for rides as well, so watch your phones :)

People have been asking to bring food/dinners to the Shann home for the kids and family as well. At this time they have more food than they can eat, so please this is not necessary at this point (but much appreciated!).

At this point we have collected a few hundred dollars in Grubhub gift cards (already on their way into Boston). We have also collected over $15,000 via Venmo that will be used for their hotel stay. We are working with the hotel as well to get the best long-term rate possible. Please know that we do not take your donations lightly and are keeping track of all monies collected and spent for accountability. I realize some people do not use Venmo and have called the hotel directly to add "credits". You can certainly do that as well. As a reminder, here is the Venmo handle:

An update on Emily, she was taken off ECMO cardiac life support last night and her ICP (intercranial pressure) has been good. She is still on the lung ventilator however and will undergo more head CT scans today. She is still unconscious and will remain so until the physicians think it is time to bring her out of sedation. She is still "stable".

Thank you all again for the love and donations, it is truly amazing how a community can rally around such a wonderful girl and family. I will update this again when we know more.

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